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if you refuse to accept that, here’s what I think we should do next”
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This one sentence from Dame Anne Salmond, New Zealander of the year,  sums up the GCSB bill  issues perfectly: “When a body as authoritative and dispassionate as the Law Society feels forced to report to the United Nations that the Government in New Zealand is acting in conflict with the rule of law, all New Zealanders should be very worried.” Read HERE


The Government Communications Security Bureau and Related Legislation Amendment Bill is intrusive and no clear justification has been provided for the extraordinary extension of powers of the GCSB to conduct surveillance on New Zealand citizens and residents, the New Zealand Law Society says. Read HERE


The Government’s controversial legislation extending the GCSB’s powers to spy on New Zealanders lacks sufficient checks against abuse of power or adequate transparency and accountability, the Human Rights Commission says. Read HERE.


Exposing the Global Surveillance System
In the late 1980′s, in a decision it probably regrets, the U.S. prompted New Zealand to join a new and highly secret global intelligence system. Hager’s investigation into it and his discovery of the Echelon dictionary has revealed one of the world’s biggest, most closely held intelligence projects. The system allows spy agencies to monitor most of the world’s telephone, e-mail, and telex communications.
Read Nicky Hager’s e-book HERE

Kim Dotcom –  ”My case against the spy agency in New Zealand will show the degree of cooperation with the NSA.”
The New Zealand government will not comment on whether the Government Communications and Security Bureau (GCSB) has co-operated with an under-attack US spying programme.
Unease over the clandestine US data collection programme has rippled across the Pacific to both Australia and New Zealand, raising concerns about whether they have co-operated with secret electronic data mining.
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Dissecting the GCSB Bill – an excellent presentation by Campbell Live – see HERE

An Otago University-based security expert
believes Kiwis are under constant surveillance and the Government should own up to its part in the operation.
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