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26th August 2013

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Democracy Demonstrations to take place Nationwide this weekend

Almost a dozen demonstrations from Keri Keri to Christchurch will be held this weekend to protest the continued loss of democracy in New Zealand. 

September 1st (the first day of Spring) is DEMO 4 DEMOcracy day which will see family-friendly rallies throughout the country, inviting people to march under the banner of their choice, but in solidarity against the corporate take-over of our country, and New Zealanders’ blatant loss of sovereignty and democracy.   Ten days of activities will continue the nationwide protests until September 11.

This initiative was launched only a month ago by Kiwis Connect For a Positive Future and has already convinced over 750 members and a large following on Facebook that it is time for “Human Need not Corporate Greed.”  Much stress has been placed on the protests being peaceful, but not necessarily quiet: A suggestion to bang pots and pans has arisen following similar successful demonstrations in Turkey, Canada and Iceland. 

“We have had a terrific response from individuals and organisations,” says spokesperson Lisa Er, founder of the dips business Lisa’s Hummus.   “The perception that this country has the least corruption and the most transparency globally, no longer rings true to many people,” “While voicing their concerns to government, numerous issues are not being addressed – from the GCSB and asset sales to oil drilling, mining, the TPPA and GE.”

Kiwis Connect aims to build awareness amongst the public about these issues and Er intends to keep the Facebook main page even after the event.  “We can have some good discussions on here if the awake and aware get involved,” she says. “We aren’t pushing any political party but are about building awareness of the issues that are damaging this country – and looking at how to correct them.”

“We certainly hope New Zealanders will be united in integrity and peace, holding a banner for positive change for the good of everyone.”

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