What is being done to our food without our consent?imagesCAHK6UVQ

Those who marched against Monsanto – we need you again!! Think of this as a March Against Monsanto 2!!

Corporate control of our global food system is not in the interests of people or the environment.

Fewer and fewer companies control more and more of our food chain
Their interests are in making money, not feeding people good food.

Shouldn’t we have a choice as to what we eat?

Do YOU want to eat genetically engineered food that is grown with harmful chemicals which are affecting people’s health?

We need to keep New Zealand GE free in field and food.
(It appears the National Party is preparing the ground for a full GE free release after the next election. They are already gutting the RMA.  now lobbied by Scion and Rolleston, who is involved in biotechnology and is vice president of Federated Farmers,  local council’s power is being shrunk with central government getting power to over ride them. They probably have a working party quietly working on this.)

We support locally grown food, farmers markets, seed saving, and environmentally friendly farming practices that are not regulated against. We are concerned that elements within the food bill would limit our choices.

We oppose toxic herbicides and pesticides that are killing our bees, destroying our soil and affecting our health. See article HERE

We oppose the privatisation of our water and the adulteration of our water by adding unnecessary and harmful chemicals.

We must have CHOICE as to what we put into our bodies and the choice to eat what our grandparents ate is going fast.

We are losing our choice in the food chain:
Though New Zealand does have labeling laws, these don’t apply to some “highly processed” ingredients, and it is estimated that around 70% of processed foods from imported soy, corn, canola and cotton seed contain GE derived ingredients. There are already 76 varieties of foods approved by Food Standards Australia New Zealand Authority (FSANZ), and FSANZ was recently the first in the world to approve Dow’s controversial soy and corn engineered to resist higher doses of 2,4-D (the infamous component of Agent Orange).”
The above statement was taken from an excellent article HERE


Here is some information about what is wrong with the farming in this 3 minute promo to the movie FOOD INC


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