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We need to work with the mainstream media and beyond them and be our own media all at once!

The relationships between us should a co-operative reflection of the issues of the day, so we need to make a mutual combined effort to communicate.

We need to cover areas that they won’t or can’t cover for what ever reason. However the more information and feedback that they get from us, the more coverage we will get around the issues that concern us.

We are not a protest movement. We are about building awareness and momentum for the ethical positive changes needed for New Zealand to flourish.

Who owns and who controls the media in New Zealand?

This radio interview with Dr Wayne Hope takes us through the historical perspective of media, from private and governmental control through to privatization?

Truth is available to those willing to to challenge what they are being told is the truth by establishing fact from fallacy or fiction.

It is in everyone’s interest to question reports on a variety of issues.

When our information is controlled by those with corporate or political agendas we become blinded to actuality.

Here are some media alternatives:

DAILY BLOG  is New Zealand’s primary news and information blog site where 42 of NZ’s top public sphere writers, bloggers, and opinion-shapers critically analyse issues of the day.

Aotearoa INDEPENDENT MEDIA Centre has published our rallies. Thank you! Have a look around their site.

Yahoo New Zealand has published our press release has also published our press release. Voxy: Your voice!

SCOOP scoops up news that other media may not publish such as this scathing attack on welfare reforms HERE
They have ignored our media releases. so far.

KIWISFIRST reports NEWS that furthers the open and equitable administration of justice in New Zealand.
Its Mission is to advance, through accurate journalism, the three pillars of a responsible judicial system; transparency, lawful compliance and accountability.


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Social media can be our best friend or our worst enemy.

We all need to understand the dynamics and functions of communication in order not to damage our message.

Before responding on social media remember that KIWIS CONNECT for a positive future is a co-operative initiative involving different organisations that all have concerns with privatisation, corporate lobbying of government over the democratic process, and profit before people. That is the only overall message that we have. All other messages need to be presented by the different organisations that are involved, and we must not damage their message.


“It is not enough for journalists to see themselves as mere messengers without understanding the hidden agendas of the message and myths that surround it” John Pilger