Get Involved

Calling all activists! 993293_447338292040086_1326373092_n

We need organizers in different centres.
Please contact us if you would be willing to help?

(Basically we need someone to set the route; inform council and the police so it doesn’t clash with any other event; and find someone to come along with a sound system so speakers and musicians can be invited – out of the crowd if necessary. (Sometimes the musicians have sound systems!)
We can put up a facebook page for the city or town and then off we go!
Not too onerous but extremely helpful for us.)


We are Creating Family Friendly Peaceful Rallies

Organisers wear orange arm bands or clothes. Orange has been used world wide to state the intention of a peaceful march.
It also is not associated with any political party.

Bring  pots and pans and wooden spoons – percussion rather than aggression!

See a wonderful pots and pans event at the Turkish demonstration HERE

Music, song dance and fun – not protest!

Each organisation participating in the demonstration may choose to wear a specific colour or shirt – making a colourful demonstration and making it easy for people to recognise their chosen group to march with.


Please note – this initiative was birthed after Hordur Torfason visited New Zealand.
He initiated the pots and pans revolution in Iceland.
The situation in Iceland was initiated by the collapse of the banks.
Let’s not allow New Zealand to get into that situation.


We recommend having a place for stalls to promote the various participating organisations when we get to the end of the march.
That way we can share information between groups.get-involved


Musicians who have agreed to play at the (Auckland) event:

The Awesome Nikki Wood and her drummers.