First Press Release and Auckland Rally Details

PRESS RELEASE: for immediate release

11th July 2013

Kiwis Connect for a Positive Future

A nationwide initiative launches today called Kiwis Connect for a Positive futurethecreation of a group of people inspired by the actions of one man, Hordur Torfason, who  prompted a peaceful revolution in Iceland and spoke in New Zealand earlier this year.

The perception that this country has the least corruption and the most transparency globally, no longer rings true to many people.  While voicing their concerns to government, numerous issues are not being addressed.

Kiwis Connect does not want a revolution, but to build awareness amongst the public about the deep hole into which our country is sliding, while our eyes appear to be tightly shut.

“The business lobbying of government, particularly by transnational corporations, is of serious concern,” says spokesperson Lisa Er,founder of the dips business Lisa’s Hummus.  “Our democratic rights are being eroded by the influence the corporations have on government.  Why should our government bow to pressure by biotech corporations that want to own all the seed and dominate our food supplies?, Why should overseas mining companies come here and pollute our environment to make huge profits, of which only a small amount trickles down to New Zealanders? Why are we selling our family jewels for short term budget-balancing resulting in long-term pain?  If the government is caring for the people, why do we have one in four children being raised in poverty and the elderly unable to afford to heat their homes or eat properly?”

These questions, and many others, need to be asked by all New Zealand people.  There is little discussion in the public arena about the TPPA, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.  If the government signs it, as a trade agreement in disguise, corporations could sue our government for billions of dollars in projected lost profit, should we, for example, change our environmental laws.

Kiwis Connect for a Positive Future will coordinate family-friendly rallies throughout the country, inviting people to march under the banner of their choice, but in solidarity against the corporate take-over of our country, privatisation, and our continued loss of sovereignty and democracy.

The rallies will take place nationwide on September 1st – the first day of spring followed by ten days of political activities.  New Zealanders will be united in integrity and peace, holding a banner for positive change for the good of everyone.

Further information can be found at

Contact:  Sian Clement, 022 476 9418 or [email protected]


Auckland Rally and March Sept 1st confirmed
Gather at Britomart at 2pm for a march at 2.30.
Walk to Albert Park via Wellesley St and Princes St.
Gather at the band rotunda for speeches and music.
Each participating organisation can have stalls for their information.



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