The Ethics behind this Initiative:imagesCAKEE4F1

We acknowledge that everyone has a point of view and that everyone has a right to that point of view.
However we are aware that the actions of a few are impacting the many.
We are aware that something needs to be done about this in order to protect our environment, and the future of our children.
The gap between rich and poor is widening, and the voice of the people is being silenced worldwide. New Zealand is no different.
We must raise awareness about this within the population.

How we do this is what will count.

No one wants to listen to someone who yells abuse, or destroys property.
Protests in the past have had elements of that, sometimes created by people who are planted amongst the demonstrators.
We also do not support racism.

We have the strong intention to be heard and so how we are perceived by the public and the media is very important.
To avoid having to behave badly to gain media attention, we need large numbers of people on the street and writing letters, all together, so we make  our voices heard.
We intend to raise awareness amongst the public, as well as change political outcomes.
We aim to do this through lively respectful communication and responsible action.

Actions – Let’s work together and have huge peaceful, family friendly demonstrations/rallies that have to be noticed by the media, who can promote the conversation.

Notice – we are not using the word “protest”. We are not a protest movement!
We choose to RALLY FOR WHAT WE WANT rather than protest against things.
The use of positive language in important here in visualising our future.

Ghandi promoted non violent change:
Satyagraha (non violent revolution) radically transforms political or economic systems through nonviolent resistance. It does not seek to inflict upon the violent a taste of their own medicine but instead transforms foe into friend and intolerance into hospitality. Satyagraha encourages us to cultivate the same compassion for strangers that we have for kin.
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