The People’s Pledge

What can I do if I would like to do something over above rallying?

See our Action page for rallies.

This form can be used during or before the march if copied and pasted onto an A4 and can be posted to your local MP or any other politician of your choosing.

You may need to save this to your computer before printing.

The Peoples Pledge

Click to download a pdf copy of The People’s Pledge.


The People’s Pledge says:

We, the undersigned, will not vote for, or support, any party, or politician, who does not endorse our basic principles of sustainability, social justice and democracy. Specifically……

· A ban on fracking, deep sea drilling and seabed mining. · Public ownership of strategic assets. · GE Free in field and food. · A living wage for all. · Access to free public education, including tertiary. · Dismantle all legislation that cedes sovereignty to multinational corporations including the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement · Ensure that all legislation is compatible with localising community, food sovereignty, animal rights, and environmental best practice. · A fair and equitable banking and monetary system · Build transparency, democratic principles and genuine consultation into all aspects of government.


What do I do next?

Now you’ve signed the pledge, here’s how to make it work for a better Aotearoa/New Zealand.

1. Pick the pledge topic(s) you are the most passionate about.

2. Write, or Email, all party leaders, as well as your local MP’s and candidates. Addresses and emails are readily available on government and party websites and HERE

 3. Respectfully ask their position on your topic(s) – respectful questions are more likely to get replies than emotionally charged rants.

 4. If you receive a reply, write back thanking them (either way). If the reply does not fit your principles, you might tell them that they will not receive your vote unless they change their stance on this issue.

 5. Start now, do not wait for the election campaign. Your feedback may actually influence the policy that is taken into the campaign. Keep going right up to election day!