Kindred Organisations info

Here is how we can help YOU to inform the public about your specific issues,
or give you visibility on this Sept 1st occasion?

  • Bring your banner to the rallies/marches on September 1st; notify your database of people in each appropriate town in New Zealand.

  • You may arrange for somebody from your organisation who you would like to speak at the end of the march.

  • Have a stall at the end of the march, to network with the other groups and the people present.

    • We recommend that organisers wear orange safety jackets so we can identify each other.
  • Create an extra event or events to take place between Sept 2nd and 11th – details will be placed on this web site.

What’s in it for us all?

  • We are informing this government that they need to listen to the people, and not just at election time!

  • We are sending the corporations a message that we will not tolerate greed and undue control over our freedom and sovereignty.

  • This initiative will encourage a whole new level of conversation in New Zealand around stopping the encroachment on our freedoms by stealth.