Actions – Let’s work together and have huge peaceful, family friendly demonstrations/rallies that are so big they have to be noticed by the media.
We need to get the word out to those who are unaware as to what is happening in our country.


1.  Nationwide Rallies on September 1st
.Locations and times of nationwide events will be posted here as they come to hand.

Northland’s DEMO 4 DEMOcracy
Cameron Street, Whangarei, Northland
Gather at 2pm for a 2.30 march
Join their Facebook event HERE

Keri Keris DEMO 4 DEMOcracy
Gather at Keri Keri Domain at 1pm
Bring a picnic.There will be speakers and a time for you to have your say.
Contact Martin Robinson

Auckland DEMO 4 DEMOcracy
Gather at Britomart at 2pm for a march at 2.30.
Walk to Albert Park via Wellesley St and Princes St.
Gather at the band rotunda for speeches and music.
Each participating organisation can have stalls to promote their information.
Join Auckland’s DEMO 4 DEMOcracy HERE.

Waiheke’s DEMO 4 DEMOcracy
Now joining Auckland – welcome Waiheke

Hamilton DEMO 4 DEMOcracy
Garden Place in Hamilton’s CBD @ 2pm
Join the Facebook page HERE

Tauranga’s DEMO 4 DEMOcracy
Gather at The Waterfront @2pm
then march to Red  Square.
Join the facebook page HERE

Gisbourne’s DEMO 4 DEMOcracy
MONDAY Sept 2nd
Come together on Customhouse Street, opposite the Police Station (by the big taniwha)
on September 2nd at 2:00pm, with a planned departure at 2:30.
Bring signs, a friend if possible, your best game face and a united attitude.
We march to regain democracy.

Join the Facebook page HERE

Palmerston Nth’s DEMO 4 DEMOcracy
Gather at The Square in Palmerston Nth at 2pm

Join the facebook page HERE

Wellington DEMO 4 DEMOcracy
Cuba St Bucket Fountain @2pm
then march to The Beehive
We need some more help here – contact [email protected]
Join the Facebook page HERE

Nelson DEMO 4 DEMOcracy
Join in Solidarity at the
Cathedral Church Steps
for a sit in at 2 pm
Join the Facebook page HERE

Takaka / Golden Bay
2pm Takaka town centre

Christchurch DEMO 4 DEMOcracy
2.30pm Gather at Latimer Square
and march west on Worcester, past the damaged central cathedral.
Enter CCC lobby and exit on Hereford Street.
March east through ReStart Mall.
Left on Madras Street and into cardboard transitional cathedral for afternoon tea (koha/donation)
Back to Latimer Square for speeches.
To join the Facebook page go HERE

2pm Lake Front / Memorial Gate

Dunedin Demo 4 DEMOcracy
Meet at The Octagon @ 2pm.
Join the Facebook page HERE


2. 10 days of action following the rallies – from Sept 2nd to Sept 11 th

  • Letter writing to mps and news media; publicised boycotts of products; petitions; flash mobs; any creative initiatives that raise awareness of our views about the political situation amongst the public, the media, and politicians
  • Flood the MPs offices with calls of complaint if the GCSB Bill is passed, as it will be a clear act of government not listening to the people.
  • HERE is a great new initiative from Turkey. The Taksim Square Book Club could be followed by an Aotea Sq book club , or Civic Square, or Anzac Square, or Christchurch’s The Square (if available) etc.

3.  The People’s Pledge – see associated page to make a pledge about what YOU can do and how you can help others to do the same.
nb This is not about pledging money.
This organisation does not choose to collect money as we are not one central organisation but a composite if different organisations in different places, each of which will raise their own funds.


Notice – we are not using the word “protest”. We are not a protest movement!
We prefer to RALLY FOR WHAT WE WANT rather than protest against things.
The use of positive language in important here in visualising our future.

eg We must be allowed to protest deep sea oil mining. We want a clean green environment. We want to keep our assets. We want healthy GE free food. We want to keep a nuclear free NZ. We want the best education for our children. We want a fair wage for all.  We want complementary health to be used beside allopathic medicine. We want NZ sovereignty and individuality. We don’t want to be spied on. We want real true democracy. etc etc
While we don’t condone violence you will see  in both Turkey and Brazil that groups with different issues joined together to create really big rallies. Working together we can succeed.
Not every aspect will float your boat – that is why people will need to march under their own banner.